What is Male Breast Reduction?


The surgical procedure performed to reduce breast tissue in men is called male breast reduction. It is performed in adult men who want to reduce the size of their breasts. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and may involve some specialists like oncologists depending on the case.Also, many of these plastic surgeons perform tattoo removal Atlanta.

Gynecomastia is the main reason for male breast reduction where the chest tissue is enlarged and in some cases, there may also be some development of tissue that is similar to female breast tissue. Hormonal changes, patients on certain medications or hormone therapy and those on steroids for physical enhancement are those who usually undergo male breast reduction.

Male breast reduction can be electively or medically performed
During the gynecomastic surgery, the excess tissue is removed and the chest is reshaped to create a more aesthetic appearance. While this is generally an elective surgery for enhancing one’s appearance, sometimes it may be medically necessary if an abscess or growth is the cause for breast enhancement.

In case of male breast cancer, the surgery is performed to remove the cancerous growth and chemotherapy or radiation may follow the surgery to eliminate cancer from the body. In such cases, as the enlargement is a medical problem, it has to be treated for medical reasons.

In transsexual men
Sometimes transsexual men undergo the surgery. While the hormones that they take for transition help shrink the breasts over time, male breast reduction is required to take care of the remainder breast tissue and reshape the chest shape. The surgery may require the use of implants for creating a more muscular look, based on the patient’s goals.

How Much Does Gynecomastia Cost?

Gynecomastia Cost

If you are dealing with gynecomastia, or male breasts, then you may be wondering about gynecomastia surgery and the gynecomastia cost. Dealing with this problem can be embarrassing, but having a male breast reduction can help eliminate the problem. Even though gynecomastia does not cause serious health problems, the effects on self-esteem can be devastating, making surgery a choice many men are interested in pursuing. Here is a closer look at this surgery, male breast reduction cost and the factors that will affect the cost of this surgical procedure. Also, many you may be able to get tattoo removal San Diego as well.

After deciding that gynecomastia surgery is the best option for your problem, then you will need to find a good cosmetic surgeon. In general, the gynecomastia cost ranges between $2000 and $6000. In most cases, your health insurance company will not cover the surgery, since it is an elective surgery. This means that considering the cost is important.

Several factors will determine the male breast reduction cost. One of the biggest factors is the location where you plan to have the surgery. Some areas of the country are much more expensive. For example, you would pay a lot more for this procedure in New York City than you would in a smaller city. If the cost of the surgery seems expensive in your area, look at other areas within traveling distance to see if you can find a lower price.

The surgeon’s experience may also affect the gynecomastia cost. Surgeons with more experience can usually afford to charge higher rates for this surgery. Individuals with a less experience cannot command such high rates. It is definitely important to ensure you have the procedure done by an experienced surgeon. Since you want to ensure great results, sometimes paying a bit more to an experience surgeon is well worth the investment.

Last, the extent of the gynecomastia surgery can influence the male breast reduction cost too. Some men may have larger amounts of fat in the area that have to be removed. Sometimes the fat in the area may extend under the arm, which would require a more advanced surgery. If the surgery involves more time and work, it is definitely going to cost more. Usually you can find out the extent of the surgery when consulting with a surgeon.

These factors all come together to determine the gynecomastia cost. To ensure you get a good deal and a great surgeon, compare prices and surgeons can be helpful.


How to Choose the Right Gynecomastia Surgeon

Gynecomastia Surgeons

Are you planning to have gynecomastia surgery? If so, finding a quality, experienced gynecomastia surgeon is essential. It is not enough to find a surgeon that performs breast reductions in women. You want to make sure you choose a surgeon that has performed male breast reductions successfully as well. With many plastic surgeons to choose from, it is tough to know how to make an informed decision. Here are several tips for picking the right male breast reduction surgeon for your needs. Continue reading